Get the water view you've always wanted.

Get the water view you've always wanted. Future View From Roof Balcony - Belmar How to See Your Future Views Before Your New Home is Constructed: Imagining Your New Dream Home You want to build a new home - one that meets your needs & wants.  So you're naturally working with an architect to craft your dream home.  Along the way you start you're going to feel living you're going to enjoy the space with family and well it meets your needs. You start to wonder.  Am I going to have that water view I'm dreaming about?  What will I see from my balcony? What if you could see what your future view might be like? I do more than plan the house for its views, I am able to show my clients real video footage from the height and location of their designed balcony or deck long before construction has begun! How exciting that technology has allowed me to portray the experience during the design process - prior to

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